Developer ADVISORY Services

Your Developer Advisory Solution

Governing documents, amenity programming and associated operations costs, financial projections, delinquency recovery and more

  • Governing Documents. For new or existing communities - Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, master covenants, supplementals, rules, regulations. At any stage, The Neighborhood Company can create the best structure for your needs. 
  • Amenity Programming and Operation Projections. Considering adding an amenity but unsure how it will impact your Association’s ongoing financials? Contemplating a transition of amenities through change of Declarant or ownership transition? Let The Neighborhood Company’s experience with various amenities, service vendors and customized financials provide valuable insight into usage patterns, maintenance and depreciation projections across the years.
  • Budget Creation and Administration. Our technology facilitates budget creation, 5 year projections, reserve account creation and administration and reporting as requested. A helpful part of this process is the online payment service for association members, ensuring payments can be made quickly and easily.
  • Delinquency Recovery. Association delinquency impacts credit access for the developer and for individual purchasers. The Neighborhood Company has a strong track record at quickly decreasing delinquency and recovering monies owed to the Association.