Frequently asked questions


Who Do I Call if There is An After Hours Emergency?

If there is an emergency in the community, contact your local police, sheriff or fire department.

If there is an after-hours Property Association issue, call your Property Management Number – this is checked regularly after hours.

How Can I log-in to the Owners Website?

If you are an owner and don’t remember your log-in credentials to the Owner’s Website – simply go to your community’s Owners Website and select the FORGOT PASSWORD link.

If you do not have a log-in, choose the REQUEST OWNER LOG-IN CREDENTIALS, also on the Owners Website log-in page. 

How Can I Recommend/Apply to be a Vendor at One of Your Communities    

To be considered as a vendor in a Neighborhood Company community,  contact us today. We will request a full written summary of your services and references to begin the interviewing process. We work with licensed, bonded and highly regarded companies across the country, and are always looking for new providers to offer the best service for our customers. 

How Do I Apply for a Resale Certificate?

If you are selling your home, or participating in the transaction of a resale property in a community serviced by The Neighborhood Company, the transacting title company will need to obtain a Resale Certificate from The Neighborhood Company. You can apply for this certificate here. Please allow at 3-5 business days for the certificate after payment is received. 

Where Can I Find the Governing Documents for My Community?

The governing documents (DCC&Rs, Master Covenants, Design Guidelines, Association Bylaws, etc.) are accessible via a link on each Owner’s Website log-in page. Visit your Community’s Owners Association Website to access this information

I received a Violation Notice, but I don't understand it. 

If you would like to better understand or discuss a violation notice, contact The Neighborhood Company at the contact information above.  Or, contact your community association manager though the Chat Forum on your Owners Website. 

I want to improve my property - do I need approval? 

Many communities managed by The Neighborhood Company require architectural review and approval before any new construction, landscaping or hardscaping. To better understand your community's requirements, log-in to the Owners Website for your community.  If approval is required, applications and guidelines can be found on the Owners Websites.  Please allow 30 days for review/reply.

How Do I Reserve an Amenity

Many of the communities that The Neighborhood Company manages have Amenities that Owners can rent for private functions. To access more information about this, visit the Owners Website for your community. Rental is only available to property owners within that community, and the Owner must be present at the event. 

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